Friday, August 25, 2006

More Proof

Of my many talents. Today while sittin in my class bored stupid I was inspired to write down some thoughts. One is a poem the other a random thought....take ur pic and let me know what you think....

Would the world go on without me?
How would the grass continue to grow?
Could people survive without me?
Or am I to them the Sun?
Of course things would continue without me
And though I am just a minnow in this sea
Even minnows make waves
Even minnows fill somebody's needs
So I hope to show the world
All there is to me
That way I wont have to wonder
What were the possibilities
Though I do not plan on letting go
Death is inevitable to me
So I will swim far and fast
Make plenty of waves in the sea
I will return to my home one day
And marvel at all of the change
Despite the time we spent apart
My love will remain the same
We will share stories of sights and sounds
Maybe a few smells too
And get back to where we left off
Cause thats what friends and family do

  • Erect is part of erection, which sounds like direction, which in turn is close to direct. So are all erections headed in the right direction?????
  • If farts could were bottled and sold as fragrance, I would call mine "Le Grande Frijolles". What would yours be?
Well thats all for tonight folks. I guess this is also further proof that too much time on m hands can be a dangerous thing!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thank God For the Internet...

Without it I think I would go crazy out here. These past couple days as I arrived back at school for the fall semester I thought about all the friends from previous years that have moved on that I wont get to see often anymore.

This is a shout out to my moved on Commrades out there...

K. Goff, Imma miss talkin to you about everything; politics, people, religion, family, everything. Laughing with you. Hanging out with you. I am super glad we became as good of friends as we did.

Jake. I know Boy is here and we will have fun this semester, but the trio is incomplete. Last Year was great especially after we were all 21. Spring Break. Weekend Bars. Karaoke. Where will I find someone that completely understands my sense of humor.

Wendi. I know we didnt hang out often, but its 4 years of respect between us and imma miss the flirtation and the occasional hug. I can still kick your ass at tennis.

Brad Tiff and Lindey. You were a great HD Friend and puppy buddy. You all accepted who I was and encouraged me at the same time. We became friends hung out told stories and still keep in touch.

I dont want to come off as overly emotional but somethings have happened today that made me realize how much I valued the experiences I had last year and the people I was fortunate enough to share them with. What will the future hold for us? How will we survive the distance that inevitably will come between us?

My hope is that in the little time I have left in my collegiate career I dont spend it comparin it to the times that are past. That I am given the strength to see these new relationships to what they could become and not against what I no longer have.

Earlier I mentioned there were activities that caused me to reach this state. Today in trainin we were asked to complete an exercise on fear. This got me to thinkin about what kind of things I feared, and that my feelings and thoughts with people I dont know well was a fear of mine. This inevitably led me to be unable to share this information with my staff. I dont know how I can get past this point to open up more, but I hope to grow from this. I also came to the conclusion that I use sarcasm as a barrier/shield to prevent me from being too open. I am sarcastic but sometimes its extreme.

I need a really big hug. Anyone out there?

Friday, August 4, 2006

45 Hours...

Till I hit the road. Thats right friends and strangers, Sunday mornin at 7am I am hittin the road for Indy. 12 hours of beautiful scenerey and my music. Bathroom breaks will only be had when getting gas; fast food will be consumed in mass quantities; bad drivers will be ignored/avoided; bliss will be achieved.

I am going to get a camera so that I can photo document the journey and if inspired might visit some landmarks along the way. Those who believe in the power of prayer, say a few for me that I arrive at my destinations safely and without loss. While ur at it pray for my dad to who is flippin out as usual because he is paranoid.

Dont know what I will do once I get to Indy, but I am sure there is some kind of trouble I can get into, Maybe a few movies I can watch that I acquired via various methods.

Despite the roomate problems this has been one of the best summers ever! I met some people that I will try to keep in touch with forever and partyed alot! The pictures will be with me forever, or until my computer, iPod, and Facebook crash.

Mis amigos. No puedo esperar para ver cada uno. Novembre para mi cumpleanos en AC, NJ. ¿quién está viniendo?
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"