Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Please Bow Your Heads

Join me in mourning the death of a friend. This friend of mine had no close family or next of kin. Very few people appreciated him as I did. He fell ill on Saturday shortly before I did, then sat resting all weekend. This morning his final death throws were seen. My iPod has passed onto another world. This is the second one that has died on me, this more tragic than the last, due to its suddeness. How I will survive without my musical companion I am unsure, but I am hoping it can be rehabilitated, but my doubts are vast. Today is a sad day for me

Monday, February 26, 2007

I Beat It

Much to my own surprise I came down with a fever yesterday. This morning my temperature topped out at 102 degrees and had to place an ice pack on my head so my brain didnt boil. It started after workin out yesterday mornin and only got worse as the day went on. I was so happy to finally start sweating you would think I had won the lottery. I am thankful that I was able to break it without medical intervention. I have some speculatory guesses as to the origin of the fever, but will pretend to ignore them for now. I will keep praying that my supreme health continues. Thanks to those out there whom prayed for me.

Its no so hard to write one of these things everyday after all. I will try not to make it a habit though. hahaha

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It needs a little work

I have got to work on my relationship with my brother. It is one of the most important things. Today when I couldnt find my camera, the first thought in my head was that he stole it. How horrible is that. I didnt want to accuse him of it so I called to ask if he had seen it. He replied no and calmly so I assumed he was not upset by accusations. I found it ten minutes later after thinking about the places I might have left it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It Hit Me Tonight

While listening to some music my next pair of tattoos came to me. I dont want to post what they are on here until I actually get them, but in case you are obsessive the song of inspiration is from "The Lion King [Original Cast Recording]" Floetry might have helped as well. Be aware, it will prolly be some time before I can get them since I am trying to save to get an Apt.

Yes, I know this is two days in a row of two postings in one day, more than the past four months combined, but deal. Its just a new me. The reflecting does help

Till Later!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Espanol Diario

A dia, intentio escribir un diario en espanol. Por favor pardon errores y simplicidad, es por mi practica.

A trabaja es una manana lenta. Siento a la computadora haciendo nada. Conduce a trabaja a dia. No, las calles no es mal. En verde voy, en rojo paro. Las mujers es loco y mal condujerons. Perro siento alli, haciendo nada. A noche como mariscos con mi familia. Es una tradicion en viernes a mi abuelos casa. No, no espero por eso. Todo mi familia sientenemos, comimos, reimos. Es Muy Bien. En recibio pais.

Tengo dos billetes for The Roots y Lupe Fiasco concerto. Mi amigo Crystal es va con me. Es en nueve de Marcho a Consitution Hall. Ahora tengo trabaja. Voy debo ir. Hasta Luego.

Most of this was done of my own accord. Some help came from Alta Vista Babel Fish. Feel free to make corrections as needed or comment en espanol. Practice, Practice, Practice. Peace


Yes I am aware that this is more in one day than the last two months...but certain events of this evening require some grief counseling.

Why is it that I make the same mistakes over and over again. I make a decision that I paid for and promised myself I would never put myself in that situation again. Now here it is almost a year later and I make the same dumb decision which is causing me the same damn grief. I know prayer afterwards wont solve the problem, but I am hoping it will bring me some solice. Breaking bad habits is hard, but I vow tonight that I will work fight myself to make better decisions and work towards living a better life.

Good night all

Thursday, February 22, 2007


O' how I wish that life could be simpler. While I know complexity is beautiful and intriguing, it is also frustrating and tiring. Currently I am living pretty close to the high life; staying with my grandparents for free and eating pretty damn good everyday with the freedom to go and come as I please and no pressure to move out any time soon. Why would any sane person give this up you ask. Well I am sure many of you can atest to the fact that there are no parallels to living on your own. After four years of doing this, its hard to revert to old ways. So as a result of this and some insiting on my part, to my cousin, we are looking for apartments within the city.

For the most part this is an decent situation for me. The only problem is my current financial situation does not allow for me to move in as expditely as she would like. The past few weeks I have been going along for the ride and merely trying to enjoy without worrying about the things I knew were on the horizon. I knew I wouldnt be able to move in before mid-March or April first. I knew that two bathrooms would be much better than one. I knew that I would have bills coming up. Now I feel like I need to insist to my cousin that we wait till later in the year to look for apts or that she will have to look on her own. (Many of you are prolly wondering why this is a problem. Looking later is a problem for her because she believes the longer we wait the more people we are going to have to compete with for places and the more expensive they will be as a result.) Last night I had a conversation with a friend whom essentially told me to grow some balls and tell her that you have to wait. It really is that simple. DAMN! How this situation will settle itself I am not sure, but settle in will in the very near future.

In other news, I have started temping at this place in VA. I make decent pay but the travel to and from work sucks. I have been catching the metro cause it affords me the time to read my book and listen to music without traffic worries, but its expensive and next week I am going to drive to see if it is more cost and time efficient i.e. more desireable. The job, which I hated at first has turned into one that I can tolerate do to its newly acquired simplicty and massive amounts of downtime that allow me to do things such as type this massive note, check my mail every 5 mins, look for dogs I cant have and look at furniture for an apt I cant afford. Jealous arent you. HA!

In other positive news, I spoke wiht my supervisor today for my full time job which I havent started cause I have not received clearance. Told him about the apt hunt and that he might be contacted, told him I was excited to be starting soon, which amazingly wasnt a lie (read: I will make better money and have benifits). He said that he would check on the status of things and make sure the people were doing their job and not stalling.

Tonight, I might be goin to hang with a friend for a few hours. Dont you hate it when their is miscommunication between people and it creates an akwardness that later needs to be explained.

Sorry this thing was so damn long but thats what happens when you only write once a month and your a tad bit on the dramatic side.

P.S. I wish I could stay young forever, I have so much fun being silly. Practicin my Spanish much more now that in the past, still need to figure out when imma run this marathon so I can train for it.

"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"