Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Do Care...

....O' Brother I can't, I can't get through/
I've been trying hard to reach you [but] I don't know what to do/
O' Brother I can't believe it's true/
I'm so scared [for your] future and I want to talk to you/
O' I want to talk to you/...
Are you lost or incomplete?/
Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?
Tell me how you feel/
I feel like [I'm] talking in a language [you] dont speak/
And [I'm] talking it to [you]/...
So you don't know where you're goin, [but don't] wanna talk/
[I] feel like you're going where you've been before/
Anyone will listen, but you feel ignored/
[If] nothing's really making any sense at all/
Let's Talk
Let's Talk
Let's talk
[Please talk......]

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Return of the King?!?!?!....

...More like Prince Half-Baked. The kingdom of Obliviana had been quiet as of late with its royal constituency on sojourns to distant nations, Princess Peapod in Mississippi for two weeks on business and Prince Half-Baked out living up to his name sake. Dissappointed that he would not be able to enjoy solitude during the Princess' absence, Obliviana's lone pragmatic citizen was enjoying the calm, for he knew he sensed in his bones this was "the quiet before the storm."

Obliviana's prodigal son, Prince Half-Baked is worst than the fabled "cat that came back"; you think he is a goner, but... ("the cat came back the very next day") he always returns with his destruction and devistation closely in-tow. His latest return was as unwelcome as usual, no parades, no parties, not even a welcoming comittee. The weekend was upon Obliviana and the rest of the outlying world and people everywhere were just trying to unwind, sans beleagurement.

Astoundingly two days past without so much as an errant breath; could things really be looking up in Obliviana? Was Prince Half-Baked finally steping down from his self-ascended thrown? Surely this was all too good to be true, Prince Half-Baked never stayed anywhere for this long without causing a fuss. The day would not pass before the upheaval.

As evning set in Prince Half Baked's girlfriend of present Horseface Killah cameover for "dinner and a movie", but not on my damn TV. The two lovers were resigned to the small remote corner of the "land" to which he "controlled". Night set in and surely Horseface had a stable of her own to return to, surely her keepers would worry if she stayed the night. I ascended the stairs without so much as a peep to the two hoping a sound decision would be made by one of the two and she would not be in my home come the morning.

WHAT A FOOL AM I!!! Prince HB and Horseface decided to shack-up for the night in my GODDAMN HOUSE. This was an official "go" sign to be obnoxious. I clanked every loud thing we had in the house and turned on every bright light there was in an effort to rouse them from their slumber. Much to my delight my plan was successful and the two were unable to rest peacefully. I departed the kingdom for work, plotting my revenge on the Prince. 75 minutes post my departure I get a call from the Prince:
"yeah, can you come let me in? I forgot my keys inside on my dresser."
"you SOL yo! I'm already at work."
"o, ok"

...did you really leave the front door to our apt unlocked? If I come home and my shit is missing I will beat you within an inch of your life and then call the cops on you. I am gonna pray on your behalf yo...

Two fuck ups in less than 24 hours, you are really tryin to be exiled from the home. Unlike Princess Peapod, you my dear sir are not entitled to this kingdom. You are a visitor to this land, begrudgingly welcomed to help you gather yourself. I know most things logical do not occur to you, If they did you wouldn't be you. But when will you wake up?

The keys to the kingdom will be revoked tonight. I warned Princess Peapod before she handed them over that you could not be trusted. This isnt a vacation, living with us is supposed to suck, its the only way you will want to leave. Cuarenta y nueva dias! El puerto no esta lejos de aqui!
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"