Monday, December 17, 2007

A Positive Perspective on the Continous Debate

There are a few topics that you can count on being in the forefront of news these days, war in Iraq, national health care, and of course immigration. The last topic tends to garner the widest range of opinions and generates the most heated debates. I understand why its such a heated debate, its hard to peg down what is the best option for this issue. Its always interesting to see where people stand on the spectrum and I was excited to see that there was a feature opinion in this weekend's Washington Post. The writer acknowledges both sides of the debate, makes a personal connection to this issue and then offers a couple solid ideas on how to fix the "problem". They are not the perfect solution, but they are starting points and that is better then the current position we are in.

I will refrain from exerting my own points opinions for a later date, so that you too can read the article with less tainted eyes (outside of your own opinion). I want to know how you feel after reading it, no judgments will be cast, but a discussion will be started. We are the future and it is our obligation to fix this "problem".

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So this is how they spend tax dollars...

This week I started a new job with the General Services Administration, Office of the Inspector General as a Management Analyst and now I know why the govt takes so much damn money out of my check every pay period. I have an all expense paid trip for a a week of orientation and training in Annapolis at the Marriott with a room to myself. I know its not exatly a $600 toilet seat but I got some number flyin through my head. Now imagine that on a state and federal government wide level.


The job is promising and that is exciting. I feel bad leaving my co-workers in the hell hole I escaped from, but we cant all be Harriett Tubman. I am doin my best impression though by staying on with the company part time so I dont make their jobs any worst than they already are. My hope is that it doesnt become overwhelming and that I can pay off some bills in the process: High interest credit cards first, and then moving on to the student loans....Thanks for the deliverance.

::UPDATE:::The pics of the room are below. The room was great. Wouldnt you know that the weather would get nice the day we leave. Cruel, cruel world!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Almost a full year has passed since I graduated from college and moved into the world of working. At the time it was very exciting and terrifying all the same. The key was to find a job that was related to the experience and knowledge that I had gained and be useful. Coworkers would be great, as would paid bills, but the focus was becoming a positive contributor to the workforce and the US GNP.

I started my first "real" job in April after spending a little time relaxing, and a couple months temping. DSA Inc. A information technologies company that contracted for the federal government. My duties as a "travel coordinator" would be to facilitate the extradition of illegal, and mostly dangerous, aliens. The job seemed interesting, the hours were flex, the work simple, and the people okay. This was going to be a great experience.

Time passed and the bitter taste in the mouths of most of the employees about increased responsibilities but not increased compensation would wear. The "happy-go-lucky" person that many of you knew and loved would disappear for stints, in his place was a very embittered cynical asshole. Through it all I did my job, cause thats how I was raised. And if I may say so, I did a damn good job. Diligence and hardwork is rewarded and it is with that belief I carried on each day.

My exit came up quicker than I had originally anticipated, but it is accepted all the same. I will be escaping the confines of contract hell and moving to the green pastures of fed. gov. Since I have known my entire demeanor at work changed. I wish I could start an underground railroad of my own and get the others out, but I will tread lightly till I know what the deal is.

News did break that I will be working part time, so I might be getting less sleep in the coming months but at least those bills will keep getting paid. A couple nights of celebrating were appreciated. Thursday night's Holiday Party with the cous, and last night I drank for 12 hours and didn't throw up or end up spooning a shower curtain. Last night's discoveries:I am uncomfortable being a token in a bar full of drunk people ( No Lucky Bar for me) There is someone that walks faster than meI can moderate myself and have a great time in the process.

The night didn't end on the note I had hoped but "you win some, you lose some" but you keep fight cause dying is not an option.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Ode to My Friends

With my newly reduced workload in the waning days of my job, I had time to be inspired to express to my good friends out there how I feel about our relationship. Yall know who you are, and though I didn't say it during our "Day of Thanks", please know that I am thankful everyday for your presence in my life....

Yesterday you just wanted to talk with me
But I was “busy” and you know how my life can be
So then you said “just hit me up later on”
“Nothing really important, we can catch up when you’re done”

So now you got me wondering if something was goin on
And I become consumed with how bad of a friend I can be
But then again you titan’t really sound bad/mad/sad
Could’fe been bored and just needed some time pass

Though my whole world won’t stop for you
Cause you’re my friend I'll do all that I can do
And I appreciate how you respect my ways
But every now and then I’ll need you to put me in my place

If there’s anything that you want, you need
Don’t be afraid to ask cause you’re my friend
I will always have your back through times thick and thin
I am glad to have you as a friend

The Love "Bug"

We are 23 year old young professionals with college educations; we are largely independent, socially nimble, and professionally driven. At what point did we become romantically consumed? It is like the frickin plague around here. There was a time when so many of us were content with our romantic independence, now everyone is "looking for love". I have nothing against having someone to share time with or shower emotions upon, but is it a switch that clicks on around age 23? Or is it now that we have started completing many of the other things dictated as normal by society, we now feel the need to move on to the next logical goal, finding a partner? At 23 is our biological clock ticking that much louder, or is our brain picking up on pheromone that previously went unnoticed? Will we spend the rest of our 20's looking for love, or is this "bug" beatable?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sporting Epiphany

This evening I realized that I didn't have to focus this blog so narrowly. There are so many more things that can be covered in the space than my tennis experience. I can cover my second love running, and why not all things sports related while I am at it. I know in the future it would be cool to reflect on my athletic experience.

Firstly, though in the days following my running of the 32nd Annual Marine Corps Marathon I was grossly unsatisfied with my accomplishment, I have now accepted the event for what it really was: a monumental undertaking that I completed. From New Years Resolution to Registration in May, Training all summer, and the Running on Halloween weekend. I made a promise to myself and I followed through.

As a competitive person it sucks to take more time than Oprah to complete a marathon, but in the grand scheme of things who gives a shit? This was for me, I did this so that I could prove to myself it could be done, that I could put my mind to something and see it through. This wasnt the Clarinet in 7th grade, or CYO Basketball in the 8th. This was running in the prime of my physical ability and I could do this.

I beat myself up a little after the race and swore that I would do it again, only next time I would do it better. This despite my initial promise to myself I would only subject my body to this grueling task once. I knew my body needed a break from most physical activity to fully recuperate.

Last week I jumped back on the horse because running isnt just what I do to stay fit, its what I enjoy when the world starts to weigh on me. I know the escape is temporary, but its also euphoric. I am not one of those people who clears their minds while they run either; I process. Constantly. I take in my surrounding, the people, places and things I pass. Events of my past and future. The big picture, grand scheme of things, meaning of life. It all passes through my head. While at the same time keeping pace with "4 My People" by Missy Elliott.

The only downside to running is that it is hard on my genetically predisposed to damage knees. The constant pounding of my foot to the ground puts unnecessary amounts of pressure on my knee. Currently my left one is giving me some problems. I am working with my stride some to see if that can help to lessen the pain, but ultimately I think I will need to see a doctor, maybe even start wearing a knee brace for support. Step one will be to get a new pair a shoes and then to keep on running.

Thank God for my health.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just Remember to Breath

Saturday at 330pm and I am starting to let some of my thoughts overwhelm me. These arent thoughts of life or death, financial stability or morally bearing; no these are mostly trivial issues that I am instead focusing on. A classic case of "making a mountain out of a mole hill." Whenever this feeling overcomes me I like to turn to music for solace.

A favorite song that helps in times like this is Singing My Song performed by Christina Aguilera. I know this is not the most masculine song, but I can accept that because it is uplifting and calms me down. I know I have quoted the song wrong but when I first heard it seemed so true, when everything in life gets you down "just remember to breath". In the end for the grace of God things will work themselves out.

I know I have divulged this to some if not all, but sometimes I feel the need to cry, just cause. Bambi's mom getting shot usually works for me, but occasionaly triumphs of the human spirit do it as well. I feel one of those moments coming on so I am gonna take some "me" time and let it out. I dont have much energy or motivation today and I am gonna enjoy being alone for the moment. Its just a mood, I am ok, dont worry about me and dont feel bad. Equate it to how some people have to smoke a cigarette after a bad day, even though they are not smokers.
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"