Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let me give you something to watch...

This could be interesting, I will be tuned in! (via DVR of course) Viewing party maybe?!

Back in The Day When I Was Young I'm Not A Kid Anymore

I loved this cartoon (See Video Below). The music popped in my head for some reason today as I walked into work (the subconscious mind works in mysterious ways).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reading IS FUNdamental

I provide you with an interesting Point / CounterPoint

If you take the time to read them you will be proving this one wrong.

Formulate your own opinions, speak on them in the space provided.


Dont you just hate when going to bed with the wrong thing on your mind causes you to have bad dreams and be restless all night. I had a great time yesterday, hung out with the old boss and his wife at the crappy bar in Foggy Bottom, but the company was cool. Missed my ride to the house party, which sucked but, just grabbed a cab, no biggie. House party was fun till the kegs got tapped and people bolted.

An aside: you know a house party is good when, the people you invited, invite people and you dont know half the people in your own house. Free anything brings people out like its their job.
Quite a few of us grabbed our shit and made our way over to the local dive. Much better experience there this time, than last. Continued to party till "last call" and received some discouraging news via text. Took my time walking home till my bladder felt like it was going to explode forcing my stroll to become a trot. Made it home just in time to not piss myself. Still no good news, so I go to bed with somethings on my mind. Awake several times in the middle of the night hoping the news had changed before finally giving up on hope at 544AM. :-( UGH!
And that dream that kept me up will be documented but it wont be shared. I just might share some details sometime, but for now imma hold it close.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Should I be worried about my identity being stolen?!?!

This is the very reason I dont add all those stupid applications to my profile on Facebook. Besides the fact that they are useless, their creation is completely unmonitored for privacy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What The Fudgemonkey?!?!?

I need Mr. West to explain what was goin on in his head during this one!

The Clarion Royal Rumble

Hampton, VA isnt exactly America's Crossraods, so when we booking my hotel for my two night stay in ths southern VA town, I was not surprised to find limited lodging options. No big deal as I am no hotel snob; if the sheets and bathroom are clean when I get there, I am good to go! Two nights and two days at the Clarion by Choice Hotels. Smooth sailing, and decent service until night two. These Marines mustve thought Jerry Springer was doin a late night taping in our building cause all kinds of drunken yell and shouting started RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR at 130AM. My initial reaction was to go outside and then I remembered two things: This aint a door where I am an RA and I am still black in the south. So after spectating these idiots go at it for two minutes I called the front desk. I was apparently not the first to do so, cause I received apologies and promises that the problem would be solved promptly. 30 seconds later someone was up on the floor getting tweedle dee and tweedle drunk into their rooms and letting them know the cops were coming. I went back to sleep thinking, yes peace and quiet.
Of course I wouldnt be so lucky, 20 mins later they were at it again
"If you dont care why are you yelling"
"Go to your room 'Becky'"
Thank God I was given some sense, and raised well.
230AM the cops finally showed up. Took statements, and threatened to arrest the parties involved. ALL IN FRONT OF MY DOOR! great viewing pleasure, except I wanted to sleep.
Never again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Legal age requirements should never stand alone."

It has long been debated at what age are children, across the board, grown enough to make decisions that affect themselves as well as others. The judicial system weighs in often on legal cases ranging from emancipation to murder (the involuntary and premeditated kind). The legislative system has its own opinions, deciding at which age people are capable of making informed about issues with long term ramifications. But are any of them right?

Who's to say that a 23 year old is any more capable of making a informed decision that their 16 year old counter part? Here is something I can agree with. Phasing teenagers into adult life is one of the best ideas out there. Of course the idea is not perfect, but that is the beauty of democracy, we vote on ideas we believe would work, and then we vote to keep them, drop them or change them.

Even more interesting that the article are the comments. ( I apologize that there are so many comments, but you can skim them to get the gist) The multitude of people that are unwilling to open their minds to the possibility of change or that someone at 16 might be capable of handling the repercussions of their actions. A couple favorites are these two:

Are you mad? On one point only do I agree with this absurd essay. The drinking age should be lowered to 18. Beyond that I think the voting age should be raised back to 21 and the driving age raised to 18. Enumerable studies have conclusively shown that persons, especially males, are very poor drivers under the age of 18. The statistical incidence of serious and often fatal wrecks is a grim testament to this.

I also favor literacy tests for would be voters. How many sixteen year olds can place Iraq on a map? In my experience very few. Voting has consequences. I don't like the idea of allowing people who can't tell the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq casting a vote that could get me or someone else sent there. Voting is not some social test tube experiment. It is extremely serious business with very real consequences attached to it. Besides, haven't we done enough to cheapen the franchise without extending it to children?

— John Cheevers, Merced, California

Lowering the voting age will only flood the electorate with poorly informed voters. Even if a basic course in politics/government were required, who is to teach this? The public schools with their liberal bias cannot possibly give an even-handed approach. Neither can most private institutions with distinctly Christian-conservative perspectives give a clear picture of the development of political ideas and concepts of morality in society over time. Better to raise the voting age, if change it at all. I'm 21 and I still don't consider myself experienced enough in life to make a fully-informed vote. I do it of course, and hope I'm making the wisest choice. How many 16 year-olds would say the same?

— Patrick McWilliams, Savannah, GA

I love stupid people that speak up thinking they are making great points! To you

Mr. Cheevers -
  • How many people (regardless of age) can place Iraq on a map? Better yet, how many US citizens regardless of age could locate Wyoming or Kansas on a map?
  • The point of educating people is so they dont make dumb decisions
  • How would extending the vote to "children" "cheapen" the right? (I didnt say "franchise "cause I dont know what the hell you mean by that)
Mr. McWilliams -
  • Most people formulate their initial political views on those of their closest kin, the "liberal-biased" public schools, or "Christian-conservative perspective" private schools are teaching them who to vote for, but what the importance of their decision is in government not telling them for whom they should vote. There would be curriculum requirements.
  • Just cause you're a 21 year old idiot, please dont think its safe to assume 16 year olds arecnt capable of making better decisions that you. You are proof that "the electorate" is already flooded with poorly informed voters.
Nuff said!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What was I thinking?

If someone dies alone, has no family or friends, where they really alive at all?

Unusually "Full" Promise

Every two years we all must bear witness to the same process; the political machine gearing up to garner support for some candidate based on their beliefs and policies they "intend" to support/institute. The nature of the beast is that competition inevitably forces candidates to assert lofty goals to win the support of many. In the end many people are left disappointed and unfulfilled from what turns out to be empty promises made by these candidates. I believe those people can now have hope.

Over the last 8 years we have seen our nation polarize politically; we are a nation divided. Slow to realize (or accept) the truth, America is finally ready for something new; or as every campaign this season likes to put it "CHANGE". As an educated person I dont buy everything someone tries to sell me, but I am starting to buy into this one. With larger turnout than ever before (especially on the democratic side) and a race tighter than we have had in decades, we can start to have hope.

I am thoroughly enamored with the whole process. Thanks to these close-nit races and record voter turnout, no longer can a candidate force feed us some crap about why they are better than the opposite party (I am so tired of mud-slinging tactics). Tell us why they are the best person for the job, period! Education, Healthcare, Immigration, Alternative Energy; these are the issues we care about, tell us where you stand and how you will address them. And further more, should you not win the party nomination please support your party member that does; dont forget we are the UNITED States and we just dont work right when we dont act accordingly.

I am ready for this "CHANGE".

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Veruca Salt List

1. Queen sized mattress set complete with a good frame and high quality linen set to match

2. LG Voyager for Verizon Wireless.

3. A 4 day trip to Miami in a luxury hotel/resort

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thank You For Last Night....

This is a generalized thank you to all those that were involved in the greatness that was last night...

Thanks for agreeing to go out....the wait for dinner was extended (25 mins), but the sushi (Sushi Taro) was great and affordable ($40 including beer and tip). The pre-dinner Thai beer, in the small Thai restaurant around the corner, while we waited was a great way to start off the festivities. The sushi was delicious after the genteel waitress explained to us how to order. 21 oz. of authentic Japanese beer to wash it down. The night was young and we were still "thirsty" so it was off to The Big Hunt. Convo covered the usual, family, work, politics, and sex but as usual it was lots of fun. 5 beers later and endless mocking of people, t'was time to go....Thanks for agreeing to go out.

Thanks for boosting my ego... I walked into the bar by myself waiting for a friend and I must've caught your eye. I went to the bar, ordered a beer (I am on 7 now if you're counting) and made my way to the wall to do some people watching. You, a little more than slightly, inebriated walked over amazingly composed and stated "you're cute". I was flattered. That wasn't all you said, but everything else didn't matter. You validated me and you didn't even know it. Your boyfriend came and you proceed to makeout with him. Good thing I wasn't looking. On to next beer as I waited for that phone call. My date arrived just in time for you to flatter me once again and me to finish my beer....Thank you for boosting my ego.

Thank you for paying that cover fee.... I was, more than slightly, inebriated and you wanted to go dancing but I dont pay to get into clubs; especially not ones charging $15! You said "don't worry" so I followed along. The place was full, you introduced me to one of the co-owners and a couple other people (working in the industry I guess you really do get to meet alot of people) but none of them mattered. We danced, we did our share of "looking like a couple" (you figure out what that could mean). I had an amazing time....Thank you for paying that cover fee.

Thank you for convincing me otherwise....ok I had gotten sweaty from dancing and prolly needed to shower before bed, but I didnt care. You laid out your position and there was no saying no ...Thank you for convincing me otherwise.

THANK YOU for last night!

Friday, February 1, 2008

"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"