Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not All People Suck...Just The Jamaicans I Know

So Apparently I was slightly out of line in my last entry when I lambasted all people because of a few bastards that I have been forced to deal with on a regular basis this summer. Let me make a letter to the editor and note that the number of cool people and fun things I have done this summer far outweigh the opposite.

My Job at the Village @ Palmetto Dunes has been a great experience with overall great guests, great staff and great location. I hope to come back and visit them soon, maybe even get a job here come the fall. Which wouldnt be that bad for a temporary gig to build up some money.

My newest revelation: travel the world as a bartender or activities director (read: glorified babysitter) and have fun with jobs that require little to no major responsibility for a few years. This way I can brush up on my spanish (I work on everyday now thanks to the guys at the resort), meet lots of people, worry little about money and possesions, give to those in need, and take lots of pictures!!!!

As you may have guessed today has been a good day. Temps were less than 90 our A/C is workin in our apt again, and we werent super busy at the pool. Dont get me wrong I love activity but I cant stand them sometimes.

Sad to say this summer I have become more of an alcoholic than I should be. While I still have not reached "Tim" levels, I realize come fall and graduation imma have to slow my roll. No offense to any of you who enjoy drinkin'. I do too, but I am gettin grown and bein retarded drunk aint funny if your doin it every week.

I miss you peeps, havent seen you in awhile and cant wait for some long overdue reunions. Back in Iowa the first weekend in Aug. Back in DC not till Thanksgiving so us peeps gonna have to party like its 1999. (plus I will be 22...Ne One up for AC, NJ again? or for the first time?)

Peace out peeps!!!!

Monday, July 3, 2006


Just in case there is some misunderstanding, I FUCKIN HATE PEOPLE. Now those of you who know me know I dont hate all people, only certain people or certain types. Like stupid people, or spoiled people, or annoying people (I know ironic isnt it). What I have come to discover is that I also hate inconsiderate people.

Now you shouldve know I was going somewhere with this and not just rambling. I try to always have a prupose on here. Mostly to vent, but sometimes to put the truth out there, no matter how much of an asshole that makes me.

So on with the story... O thats right I was talkin about inconsiderate people. Where should I start. How about with the most fuckin inconsiderate person I have met of late. KIRK!!!! If you read my blog u know who Kirk is and I am not wastin any more time fuckin tellin u about him, but I will elaborate.

This ass fuck leaves dirty ass dishes on the counter after he uses them so that other people can clean that shit up. He uses my fuckin mouthwash cause its in the bathroom. ( you dont fuckin share mouthwash unless u married or fuckin, and we aint either). And to top it off he leaves the apt when no one is there and leaves the door wide open "no one was gonna come in" how the fuck u know Ms. Cleeo. You aint got shit worth stealin. You wear the same damn two pair of underwear, if they steal that shit they got issues.

For the grace of God I havent flipped out on the asswipe yet. He is not helpin to paint a pretty picture for Jamaicans, well him and ghetto rude Jaimcan friends.

I think I feel better now, so I will stop venting have a good 4th yall...hopefully I wont have to vent before then...P.S. I think I have discovered a way to ignore the little bastards at work, more on that later!
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"