Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yea, Its Been A While...

So what else is new?!?! I dont know why I have a problem placing the many thoughts racing through my head into writing on a more frequent basis, but I do find it theraputic to occasionally divulge the details of my life, for consumption to the masses. Here is today's helping.

For the second time this month I was forced to sit at home and wait for some service person to come. Today I was required to arise at 6am and travel to the destination for someone that will come between 730 and 430. Aint that some serious bullshit. Yes, I love my parents and it is selfish to think of how I am "suffering" through this, but I think this is major sacrifice on my behlaf. Since there is no place for me to sleep on a bed or in a chair at this house I pulled out my trusty sleeping bag and proceeded to sleep on the floor in the den; it was like camping but slightly warmer and definetly less fun. I awoke around 1130 to the doorbell hopin it was the service guys, but it was just the damn mailman tellin me some useless information....JOYKILL! Anyway I have spent the last few hours applying for jobs and surfing the internet to pass the time. Doesnt that sound like great inspiration to complete a log.

My iPod is giving me troubles of late which is causing pschological stress. My best friend is slowly dying and there isnt much I can do about it. Why wont these fucking machines last longer, and dont say its cause I use the thing too much.

My goal of running a marathon this year has been temporarily deferred. I still plan on completing it by November, but after a week of driving to the Gym I have grown tired of it and created a multitude of excuses as to why its not so important right now. Those of you know the constant genetic battle that I am fighting and for that reason should know it is a war I will be forced to fight for MANY MANY YEARS to come.

The bright spot of recent is the reemergence of tennis on TV and in my life. Not that I was without purpose before but watching and playing it gives me more immediate goals that I can work towards and I feel more easily control. Not to mention the future Ms. Dominique Lipscomb (a.k.a Serena Williams) is raising eyebrow for the huge, and I do mean huge - Serena I love you but some of that weight gotta go babygirl, kickin my ass and crushin me are two different things. Hopefully she will make into the finals and show the tennis world once again that she is the baddest Biotch on the courts.

Tomorrrow goin out with some peeps from middle school that I havent seen since then. Surprisingly looking forward to it. First time I will be going out to the Bars in DC and the first time I will have gone out since graduation, save new years eve.

Well I guess that is a full helping for now. Look for updates in the future including the possibile addition of a tattoo.

Till Next Time We Speak...Hopefully I will be Gainfully employed by that time!
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"