Thursday, July 31, 2008

Staring out the window at the world as life races past me
Glued to my seat on the bus
Its cushions and walls graffiti-ed with the pointless trappings of previous empty minds
My window so covered with grime
The view is all things
Clear is not one of them
The air in here is thick and stale
It is heavy with "settling" "wallowing" lives "unfulfilled and hallow"
Outside the sun shines bright and a breeze gently blows
It is all a tease because I cant enjoy the expereince
My Window barely opens a sliver
Down the street the bus roars
Stopping occasionally to collect more passengers
More restless souls
A destination in mind but only acutely aware of the journey
Collectively we have the power to help each other
But separate we remain
Almost numb
Ignorant of the experiences and knowledge that abounds in us all
In my seat I remain
Out my window I stare
Eyes following the scenery
Life races on
Without me

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
Though I know the vagaries of it, I cannot claim familiarity;
It has been said, many times over the world around, that life is hard.
Accept not this fact without some fight
But wallowing in the pain of hardship does not move you out of them.
I am not in your shoes, and I cannot see through your eyes nor can I carry much of your load,
But I try and that is all I can do.
See me not just for what I am, but what I could be;
A beacon, a shoulder, an ear, a hand.
Take not your frustrations out on me;
I am no punching bag, no whipping boy.
My patience is long, but it too grows thin
Dear Sir,
Pick up your chin and open your eyes
On this road alone, you do not travel

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Apparently, Obama is the reason we are dependent on foreign oil and I just missed the memo....

LMAO....Republicans make me laugh soooooo, hard! Do people actually believe this ish?

I like what Mitchell Bard of the Huffington Post has to say about it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...And Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I know I did a blog a couple weeks ago where I mentioned how crazy my life had been as of late and there was a direct correlation to this and why I hadnt been blogging much; in that very same blog I promised things would be getting more regular on here, like a geriatric on metamucil, and then things got crazy again.

Well like Brett Farve, I'm back again and hopefully this time will be for a sustained period of time.
Not cause I feel obligated to be, but because there is so much to talk about, but no one wants to hear my voice all day.

Watch out world!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Part of living is learning to manage different things. Most people consciously focus on managing their time, space, emotions, health. The problems we face in life are usually associated with one of these four factors. Different people focus on different issues, but for the people I know very few focus on managing their health. Often times we move about this earth with reckless abandon, "thinking the faster that [we] go, faster [we] will reach [our] goals" and its not until we take a wrong turn do we operate otherwise.

The first realization of vulnerability cause different reactions. Some people believe it was random and do not change course of operation, they believe odds are in their favor it or something similar will never happen to them again; others learn from their mistakes and change course completely, they vow to never make the same mistake again.

The second group are the prudent ones and while they may not have as much "fun", they will continue to live largely worry free lives; the first group has a gut check and must learn to live with the results of their actions. They must learn to manage.

The problem with managing is that it can be draining, its a constant psychological war taking place inside the head. One minute you're fine with nothing but sunshine ahead, the next you're full of regrets and posturing of "what if".

We all want more than just to manage, but for me, that is good enough right now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mi Amigo Mejor/Mi Angel

I know the words have been said more than once before
But in this case I cannot say them enough
And while 1-4-3 may not be accurate to what I feel
The emotions are just the same

I remember when we met
what seems like not so long ago
I remember the things I did, the things you said
I am glad we have matured together

I knew it not then, but I am certain of it now
You were sent to me by Him to guide me
You were sent to me by Him to help me cope
He knew back then that I would need a friend like you

I know that nothing in life is forever
Relationships always change
I want the best for you in every possible way
And I pray that you can spread your love to others

So for the present we are in
and the future ahead
I hope friends we can stay
but should things change
I praise Him for your presence in my life


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tennis @ The Olympics

This might be shameless, but alot of the pictures are really cool. I am pumped for some Olympic competition!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All Drama Aside...

I dont know why for the longest time I wanted to pretend like I wasnt dramatic, but I am. Now that I have accepted taht fact I can continue living some symbolance of a normal life. All is good in Dom-Land and my sanity has returned to normal levels. This doesnt mean I stop counting my blessings or asking for miracles, but it does reflect a me that will be closer to the center I was a little over a month ago.

So much has happened in the last 6 weeks I havent even had time to really sit down and reflect on things. Gonna put some time into doing that over the coming week, the nice long weekend should help as well.

I think I will do an A-Z list of the last 6 weeks soon.
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"