Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Part of living is learning to manage different things. Most people consciously focus on managing their time, space, emotions, health. The problems we face in life are usually associated with one of these four factors. Different people focus on different issues, but for the people I know very few focus on managing their health. Often times we move about this earth with reckless abandon, "thinking the faster that [we] go, faster [we] will reach [our] goals" and its not until we take a wrong turn do we operate otherwise.

The first realization of vulnerability cause different reactions. Some people believe it was random and do not change course of operation, they believe odds are in their favor it or something similar will never happen to them again; others learn from their mistakes and change course completely, they vow to never make the same mistake again.

The second group are the prudent ones and while they may not have as much "fun", they will continue to live largely worry free lives; the first group has a gut check and must learn to live with the results of their actions. They must learn to manage.

The problem with managing is that it can be draining, its a constant psychological war taking place inside the head. One minute you're fine with nothing but sunshine ahead, the next you're full of regrets and posturing of "what if".

We all want more than just to manage, but for me, that is good enough right now.

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