Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So many good things

have been happening as of late. Its definitely because I am appreciating the little things more these days, got accept my blessings whatever form they come in, you dont send gifts from Dios back.

Aside from work still not being my dream job, yesterday was a GREAT day! The French Open is on TV and I rose early specifically to watch it. Gracias Dios por el Chanel Del Tenis! In the early evening I had a tennis meeting so I was lookin forward to that. Got there and ended up hitting with someone else who was just waiting around for someone to hit with. He was pretty good, so we exchanged info so that we could get together again. The guy I was supposed to meet showed up so I hit with him for a little and then we played a set. I won because he was rusty and unable to move very well, he was overweight and a smoker, ha. Anyway thats all for now. I am sure there is more I was thinkin at the time I started, but you know me and my ADD. Peace

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tis the end

to many things, but foremost it is the end of a good weekend. Went to Georgetown last night and hit up a few of the bars ran into a few harrin. It was an all around good time. Despite my best efforts I was unable to injure myself so that I might take pictures of it and post them on facebook for all to see. HAHAHAHA. Te Amo Mono!

Spent alot of time with the family this weekend and I think that made my father immensly happy. He wont say it but he gets all mopey when I dont come around. I also played tennis twice and stood someone up for tennis once, oops. Lots of eating took place on my behalf, but I did run 8 miles on Saturday morning before I played tennis for two hours so I think I have the calories to spare.

Moving forward slowly in getting things together in my life. I think I told myself I was going to get my resume together today for my push to get a part time job with a hotel, but that didnt happen and I think I will watch a movie tonight to cap things off. Rising early (5am) so that I can catch some live tennis coverage, ROLAND GARROS! If I knew French I would say something fun in it.

Thats it for now. Peace

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Circle of Life

exists even for iPods. The death of one iPod (color/photo) has restored life to a previous generation. My first iPod has started working again out of the kindness of its cold metalic heart. How long will the new found life last, I am not sure, but I do know training for this marathon will suck should it die. Though my means do not necessarily allow it, I think its time to invest in the next generation of Apple. This time I will be fully protected. Should this beloved buddy decide to get sick, best believe I will be taking him in for a check up, quick, fast and in a hurry.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Theres nothing like

talking about finances with a friend to make you realize how broke you are. I wish I had something more poetic to say but I really dont. I will fight the battle as long as I can, but I think it is a lost cause. I am afraid that I will eventually have to get a credit card to survive. Yes this basically means I am living outside of my means, but tell me how that is any different from at least half of the US right now.

There is a struggle taking place that goes unmentioned. The struggle to stay afloat in a capitalist, consumer-driven, materialistic society. Who are the Jonse's and why do we strive so to achieve this "idealistic" state of life. Can we not be satisfied by the wealth we have in natural resources, family and friends. I realize the true solution to my problem is to shed myself of my material needs, much easier said than done.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things arent much better

this morning. The cacophonous noise of the city in the morning, the sound of its cars, people and life in general is poison when compared to the joyous tunes and sweet melodies that once filled my ears. Why must my iPod continue to forsake me? Did I not show it love, care and devotion? Did I not elevate its status as a friend above real human connection. Now at a time of greatest need it has deserted me again, leaving me to wallow in the harsh real world with nothing to motor my day. No theme music for me. Has the end of my random street grooving been brought to an end. Will prayer resuscitate the holder of my musical fortune?

The day will not be a total musical loss however; when I arrive at work I will be able to block out the dirty convos of my perverted podmate thanks-in-part to VSpot and Pandora. He is a topic for another day though, let me preview but telling you that he regular makes me want to throw up or drive the lone pen on my desk up my nose into the frontal lobe of my brain!

Back to work for now. Edits to come.

Just as things

were starting to look up, my FUCKING iPod decided to die again tonight. I swear Steve Jobs created the glorious malfunctioning pieces of machinery just to fuck with us musically dependant people. An entire week of blissful listening after its last aneurism and just as I was thinkin there was nothin but blue skies in store for the two of us, it goes fucking catatonic on me.

UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH. Right after I came into a collection of great new music too.

How the hell am I going to train to run a marathon without theme music. Rocky didn't run up the Philadelphia Art Museum stairs in silence. He had the bum, ba bum, ba bum behind him to push him.

The only solace I can take out of this whole damn thing is that it worked long enough for me to get my run and work out in today. Which by the way I may not have done where it not for some much needed nagging from a good friend who only wants the best for me. Just to spite them I came home and ate a huge slice of the DAMN good Pineapple filled Coconut Cake I baked. But I did resist buying the 600 calories per serving Entenman's Grand Cinnamon Buns I love so dearly when I went shopping this evening. SCORE ONE FOR THE DOMINATOR.

I know this is pathetic because its like 7 hours away but I know what I am having for breakfast and I cant wait. Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese, Glass of OJ and Maybe a scrambled egg or two. Aside from the eggs all were purchased on this evenings shopping excursion. It was a rather productive evening. Did I mention how much I LOVE getting off work early so I can do what I want to do. And it is possible to live off of rice, noodles and oatmeal if you want to.

Thats all for now. I better go to bed before I try to dissect my good for nothing iPod. I hate my technological dependencies.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let me catch you up

on some things that have been happening. Last time I was on here I couldnt think straight cause there was so much goin on in my head. Still tryin to put those thoughts together in an organized fashion but it is getting better.

First and foremost is my discovery of last night. Outside my window is a mini patio. All down the block people have comfy chairs for sitting and suning. Not a bad idea if I were white, but I dont know what I would look like. I have decided to use it as a city garden. I will plant some tomatos along with the rosemary tree I planted last night. My cousin gave me the great idea to put, some astroturf out there. GENIOUS. Maybe I did spend too much time in Iowa but I dont care.

Next issue: I AM HOUSE BROKE. I may live in a damn nice place but that is about all imma do. I now see why you are only supposed to spend a third of ur paycheck on rent. As a result I have thought about getting a new credit card. Some major financial decisions to make over the next couple weeks. Especially since I am still trying to add things to the apt.

Yes the last entry wasnt a lie, I am running a marathon in 5 months. Training has started but like it should. I know it is one of the goals for this year, but I am wondering if it was the best decision so far. This is going to be a major time commitment. BLAH

I dont know what else I was thinknin about, so thats enough for now. The saying is true though: "there arent enough hours in the day"

Monday, May 14, 2007

How long

will my training last. It started this morning with a 7am run I think it was about 3 miles and it took me about 45 mins. The plan is to get up every morning and run before work and then every evening play tennis, weather permitting of course. Why so much activity you ask, its mostly cause I am worried about ending up like the rest of my family. Plus I have so many goals that I am trying to achieve.What a hectic much going on in my mind I cant think straight enough to write in this...ah...maybe clearier thoughts will come in thr future.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Joy to the world

for I have theme music again. How long will it last this time I am not sure. I will be so happy tomorrow morning on my walk to work as I listen to it. Even sans earbud for listening comfort, it will be worth it to have my music again. I am so happy. Register for the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow and then its 5 months of training till the completion of my one of my gaols for the year. Night for now

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Was it...

averted? Who knows but my anger has been abated for the time being. I found the best way to address the situation without being overly aggressive or confrontational. I mentioned that I was angered by the situation and how it had caused me stress and prevented me from sleeping when I wanted to. Apologies were emoted and the surging anger continue to subside. The reading of the email was not brought up because I felt that no positive would come of it. Per my grandfather's suggestion I put a password on my computer, so that would prevent such future situations. Only time will tell the true ramifications of the incident, but near future plans include the purchase of a personal computer, so as to not be "reli[ant] on others."

I think I did a pretty damn good job of controlling my emotions and using problem solving skills I was taught to handle the situation. Sure it would have felt better at the moment to yell and pee on a toothbrush, but we cannot live for a moment of pleasure if it will mean an hour of pain.

Only two more days to my much anticipated reunion with pals at school. Means 4 nights of fun, and though some believe I have a drinking problem, I will stay well within my means and try not to injure myself. Or at least I wont tell them about it if I do. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! HA! Paz y amor mi gente. Gracias por su adviso

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So annoyed

after having a good night. I come home to find that my cousin and new roomie has been on my computer cause we have no cable cause she is too lazy to call the cable guy and get it hooked up. Using my computer without asking is not a big deal, after all I do have a younger brother and it wouldnt be the first time it had happened. What is annoying and pissing me off at the same time is that she read my email in the process of using my computer. Now I WOULD NEVER EVER read her email let alone use something of hers without asking. I am considering peeing on her toothbrush and takin a dump on her bed. I am tired and I cant even get to sleep cause I am so pissed off at the situation. I know she read the email because it was sent at 630 tonight when I was playin tennis and unable to check my email, but it said it had been read. Plus she signed into limewire and messed around with AIM. Should I confront her on the issue or should I just be vindictive and read her emails since I know the password. Weigh in on this people, I need some help cause I am too angry to think straight right now!
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"