Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't Anybody Make Real Ish Anymore?!?!

I give this girl credit cause it took some talent to cover and change this song, but damn! "Don't anybody make [new] shit anymore?"

sorry for the recent on slaught of videos and repostings, original content is on the horizon

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The US, Race and Politics

Once again, politics has gotten away from the real issues at hand...

Thank goodness there are some people with sanity and intelligence in this world. NY Times Opinion Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof takes a look at Obama and Race and has some interesting, if not downright agreeable points.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny Ish!!

Let me start with saying that I could never be one, but I do love drag queens for so many reasons. They are creative and often times uninhibited, plus they love black female stars. Please note in the video included below the white chic in the middle wishing she didnt exist; hoping to GOD that she is delivered from the craziness taking place around her. I would pay to get inside her head.... Other things to consider are how fast "she" gets the heel off and pulls out the mace.

P.S. Thanks Ms. Cooper for finding this clip and making this posting possible. U had me crying because I was laughing so hard!!!

I am apologizing ahead of time...

I know this song is played out (not to mention horrible) but I stumbled on this today and couldnt get enough. Further proof that a good beat and a catchy hook (not to mention a stupid dance with corresponding instructional video on youtube performed by the artist themselves) will get you a long way...

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Reality for Hire of Client No. 9...

Hot or Not ?!?!? You be the judge. In my opinion ( I think others will agree), she cant sing (you want here that shit go here). If her album drops and sells anything close to notable numbers we as people "Americans" have issues....

Not to mention did you see her wackass, no talent "friends" all over the TV yesterday?!?! Everybody tryin to make a name and a dollar off this "scandal"

Which reminds me of another post I was working on a while ago....

When Did Gossip Become News?

Better yet, why did we let it?

In my lifetime I have watched what used to be credible stories involving important issues of huge consequence descend into this. The sensationalizing of news has done nothing but rob of information we shouldn't have to search for; knowledge we need to make informed decisions. Since when is Dr. Phil declaring Britney Spears to be crazy (and later regretting it) more important than the issues surrounding the health of our nation, its citizens and the next administration?

I agree that sometimes people "just want to escape from the harshness of reality", but this is life. Ignoring the issues for superficial fodder wont make them go away. Believe that my thoughts on the topics below will come later, in the mean time, this is an interesting speech that was given on a similar topic.

· The Evolution of “News”

· The Ascension of Celebrity

· The Descent of Real Knowledge

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mother Has Become an Integral Part of My Facebook Experience...

...And I am not alone! Its an epidemic, escape while you still can!

The details of the experience...
My mom joined Facebook "because a co-worker did, and invited [her]".
She proceeded to 'friend' myself, my brother, and our cousin.
She then spread her 'friend-ness' to my good friend (whom she knows) and my brother's GF (currently his ex-gf).
The comments started appearing on our pics and walls
Then her own pics with us in them appeared
Most recently I was "sent a beer"!!
When this article was sent to her by my cousin the following response was received:
I read the article yesterday and that was not us b/c I did not do a friend request to Dominique. In fact it was a friend from work that asked me to join and I said ok…I look at the pics and just think how funny it is that there is so much on the profiles…but I did think it was kind of funny how the parents are asking their kids to “friend” them. This was more like Dante’ and I cause he said “well I will just block Mom from stuff on my site” which is fine with me b/c I am not there to get into your business. I‘ll just look at it every now and then and see what new pics are there especially since some of those pix have me in them!

But the article is funny and coincidental!!!

Lies I tell you!!!!
I will attempt to save her from the "cool parent" road she is inadvertently wandering down, but it might be too late...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What the Fudgemonkey?!?!?!?!

How do I get a parking ticket for a car I dont own, 1100 miles from where I was on that day? Stupid Iowa State Parking, please expect a very angry phone call Monday morning.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is this really Democracy?!?!

Let me start with the positive...
This nomination/election season has been magnificent. Since all the candidates declared their candidacies, serious issues have been addressed and the masses have been invigorated. Most, if not all, the primaries garnered record turnouts; numbers like this havent been seen since the 1970's. For a change people saw the process working; their voices would be heard, their votes would count!

Then things started to change...
The Republican nominee front runner became clear, and his name was John McCain. An experienced senator from the old people state of AZ. This scared the shit out of the Dems. McCain would be a formidable advesary for any Democrat and with the race so close, things have turned contentious. Once the forgone conclusion to be the nominee, Mrs. Clinton was losing, and BIG. With Mr. Obama maintaining a solid lead in delegates despite "losses" in all the big states, we would see the "change" for which we voted.

But my gut tells me different...
Malcolm Gladwell says to trust your gut, your snap decisions, which scares me. Now that the race is close and Mrs. Clinton feels cornered, politics as usual is emerging. The fear-mongering tactics of the republican party and the mud-slinging of the general election have started. Howard Dean, the DNC chair and former VT govenor, was on the "Today" show the other day at which point he stated that the hotly contented superdelegates are "chosen to do whats best for the party."

OH SHIT! The stage has been set for the perpetration of a crime...
Would Mrs. Clinton suceed in convincing the delegates to ignore the will of the general democratic voting population to vote for her, the "more ready" contender. Do they realize how many young and first time voters they will disenfranchise with this move? And what is with all this talk of seating FL and MI delegates when no one but Mrs. Clinton was on the ballot in those states? They ignored party rules, they were stripped of their powers, that cannot be changed now! I am a democrat, socialist at heart, and I so badly want to have faith in my government.

My gut says that come August in Denver, Mrs. Clinton will be the nominee by theft. McCain will win in a landslide for more reasons than one. We will spend "100 years" in Iraq and the Persian Gulf protecting "the people" (read oil interests) and our country will continue to be divided. The national deficit will grow, education and health care will suffer, and the income disparity will continue to balloon exponentially.

The posibilities are frighteing. Why did this have to turn into politics as usual?

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Told You Good Music Still Exists

Jay-Z is a legend, I only wish I could go to the concert here in April

Saturday, March 1, 2008


have managed to disappoint me again. How you can do it and be unaware I am unsure. How I can continue to let you do it eludes me too. Maybe you arent unaware, and you are just inconsiderate, selfish even. Maybe I am enjoying the abuse, a subconscious masochist enjoying the ride.

My guard was lowered and the wall came down, but I feel it building again. I hate to see it happen, but I hate to be treated like this. You're losing me and you might not even know it. I hope you change before its too late, or maybe I will speak up before I am further disappointed. Only time will tell how this will play out, but off I go to think about it, I will not have another restless night thanks to you.

Good Music Still Exists

I have a few artists that I love to support, and Lupe is one of them. Great song, good video!

"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"