Friday, December 11, 2009

Where Did My Crazy Go?

I can remember when My crazy and I first met. It was the summer before Senior year of High School and I was working in a small hardware store for 8+ hours a day. My Crazy showed me how to deal with the delinquent employees, rude customers, and OSHA condemned work environment without being drained each day. My Crazy didn't stop there, when school started again, things had changed in me. "He" helped me break away from the peer pressures of High School and the norms of society and just be happy. Thanks to My Crazy, I didn't worry what people thought or said about me; I was liberated to live!

Then I dont know what happened. Like so many of my friendships, over the course of the last two years, My Crazy and I started to drift apart. Now instead of being the bestfriend I cant live without on a daily basis, My Crazy is the childhood friend that only stops by once in a while and usually just to say "hi". Where our interactions used to be meaningful and effortless, they now seem trivial, forced, and strained. I need My Crazy some-kinda-bad right now; I need "him" to help guide me down the right path; I need "him" to liberate me again.

All I want for Christmas is My Crazy back.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Absence of Thought in Life, Cruising on Autopilot...

I have spent the last 5 or so months of my life just enjoying what has come to be and worrying little about what its bearing was in my grand scheme. Reaching cruising altitude and sitting back with the plane on autopilot has its own set of benefits, not all of which can easily measured or described, nor is it important that it be done so. However, it is inevitable that we all have to come back sometime and take back the reigns, turn off the autopilot and start figuring out where to head next.

My warning light came on this week, its time to turn off the autopilot, come down from my cruising altitude and get back on track...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeah, I Got an Opinion!

Can someone please explain to me why the hell traffic was so screwed up today?!?! Do area commuters suck that much at driving in anything other than perfect weather?

Commute time from Office door to Apt door: 33mins
Time of that commute spent waiting for the bus: 11 mins
Walk home cause bus was full when it arrived at my stop, the third one on the line: 22 mins
Reason my bus was full: every LARGE person that works for the Fed Govt was catching the bus less than a half mile to Farragut West or Farragut North Metro stops

Here is where my opinion comes in; Metro should institute the following requirement:
All bus trips should be of .75 miles or longer. Any trips shorter in length than .75 miles will be triple the advertised rate.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country and Metro would be doing its part to combat the problem by encouraging people to walk short distance. Mostly, im tired of having to walk home because the busis too packed with fat people going 6 blocks up the street for me to fit.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Further Proof...

that white people are just different than the rest of us.

(if you are confused, yes, that is white people hiking butt naked in the snow!)
My apologies to my white friends and followers for this sweeping generalization, but aint no way in hell u gonna see black people doin this, let alone fighting for it.
I wont even go into how little this does for the male "ego"...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know my blog has divulged into a reposting machine as of late, but its all that appears to be truly funny in my life. Take this gem for example...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Somethings Never Change...

But somethings have to. We elect our first black president, but somewhere, somehow someone thought it was okay to run a cartoon like this. Why?

We have come so far, yet is apparent we still have a long way to go...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nothin Like a Remix

Thanks to Christian Bale's recent tirade on a movie set we get some good music from DJ RevoLucian

I could dance to this. Or at least make a really bad attempt

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Asshole, This Does Not Make Me...

Three Facts:
  1. You decided 16 months into our 24 month lease it was necessary for you to get a car.
  2. You knew at the time of this decision that part of our agreement when moving in together was, you would pay more for the room 3x the size of mine and I would get the parking space.
  3. You knew at the time of this decision that parking in our neighborhood was hard, especially on a Friday, BECAUSE I WARNED YOU ABOUT IT!
So then why does it make me an asshole when I say you can't park your newly acquired car in my parking spot just because my car was not currently occupying it?
Why does it make me an asshole when I dont want to "discuss this issue" over the phone?

You got mad when I wouldn't give and let you live in your spoiled little bubble and hung up the phone on me. I got annoyed and let the whole incident bother me. Were it not for the bloodlines attached I might have called you all kinds of names, hung up the phone on you first, and then found all sorts of ways to display my annoyance and anger passive aggressively. Instead I chose to be an adult; what does being an adult mean in this situation
  • Not calling everyone I knew would empathize with me just to sully your name
  • Not confronting you passive-aggressively
  • Fixing a nice strong Vodka and Cranberry; taking that to the head; fixing a nice strong tequila, cointreau and Lemonade; drinking myself to tranquilty
  • Ordering pizza and mozzarella sticks
  • Watching TV with a friend till I passed out
Mighty grown up of me, don't you think? So do me a favor... remind me again why you felt the need to call me an asshole?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Nation Rejoiced Today!

It would be nothing but an understatement to say this weekend was one of celebration for the United States and its citizens but I say it nonetheless.  
A nation rejoiced today.
As Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office and became the 44th and 1st black President of these United States of America.  
A nation rejoiced today.
Millions gathered in the bitter cold to be a part of the experience; countless more watched from the comfort of their homes, the streets of their local communities and the churches they use as worship grounds.   
A nation rejoiced today.  
And when all was said and done, when the man had been sworn-in, and given a speech to invigorate a nation weary and downtrodden the crowds cheered and church bells bang.  
A Nation Rejoiced Today!  
"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"