Friday, December 11, 2009

Where Did My Crazy Go?

I can remember when My crazy and I first met. It was the summer before Senior year of High School and I was working in a small hardware store for 8+ hours a day. My Crazy showed me how to deal with the delinquent employees, rude customers, and OSHA condemned work environment without being drained each day. My Crazy didn't stop there, when school started again, things had changed in me. "He" helped me break away from the peer pressures of High School and the norms of society and just be happy. Thanks to My Crazy, I didn't worry what people thought or said about me; I was liberated to live!

Then I dont know what happened. Like so many of my friendships, over the course of the last two years, My Crazy and I started to drift apart. Now instead of being the bestfriend I cant live without on a daily basis, My Crazy is the childhood friend that only stops by once in a while and usually just to say "hi". Where our interactions used to be meaningful and effortless, they now seem trivial, forced, and strained. I need My Crazy some-kinda-bad right now; I need "him" to help guide me down the right path; I need "him" to liberate me again.

All I want for Christmas is My Crazy back.


Kelsey said...

So true Dom

I hope you were able to find him over the holidays. I never had as great a relationship with mine as you did, but I sure wish she would rejoin my life again with a little more consistency.

Hope all is well.

Ottiduff said...

I wish I had actually have my own crazy once.

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Black Panther said...

haay man i like ur Mr.crezy .... cause my Mr.crezy is more crezy than yours ...! am not talkin like chalenge ... but u can see that in the character of diff people fpr exampl ..: get 2 guys one from africa and the other from china u will see diff characters not figurs ... cause its depend on the life that he had growup at .... the africa guy will be litle crezy .. i mean he feal free , never pay attention for every thing in reverse side that chiness guy will be quite ... his whole attention is bout his like ... and like dat .... . just learn from life bro . power of words and deep of thoughts made our humanity fantastic.


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