Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeah, I Got an Opinion!

Can someone please explain to me why the hell traffic was so screwed up today?!?! Do area commuters suck that much at driving in anything other than perfect weather?

Commute time from Office door to Apt door: 33mins
Time of that commute spent waiting for the bus: 11 mins
Walk home cause bus was full when it arrived at my stop, the third one on the line: 22 mins
Reason my bus was full: every LARGE person that works for the Fed Govt was catching the bus less than a half mile to Farragut West or Farragut North Metro stops

Here is where my opinion comes in; Metro should institute the following requirement:
All bus trips should be of .75 miles or longer. Any trips shorter in length than .75 miles will be triple the advertised rate.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country and Metro would be doing its part to combat the problem by encouraging people to walk short distance. Mostly, im tired of having to walk home because the busis too packed with fat people going 6 blocks up the street for me to fit.


Crys said...

Really Mo, that's how you feel?!?! May God have mercy on your gut..."Obesity is an epidemic in this country" true, but if we've learned nothing, we've learned that you can't change people's attitudes or behaviors by trying to force them into doing the "right" thing, though standing by and watching them self-destruct isn't the answer either...

Rondell said...

U need 2 quit yo bitchin' and get yourself n2 a more constructive state of mind! Ugh!

Domo El Mono Loco said...

good you have an opinion too, too bad i dont care what it is

"The Man Who Knows Something, Knows He Knows Nothing at All"